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FAQs on DRIVEtheARC Charging Station
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What is the discount-charge campaign?
This campaign offers you discount charging using the DRIVEtheARC App at the DRIVEtheARC stations.
Which EVs are eligible for the campaign?
This project aims to evaluate EV driving behavior analysis before/after the QC network rollout and real time information service provision. For the project purpose, EV models with capability to provide probe data for before/after analysis will primarily be eligible for the “charge for discount” campaign. Due to the specification of the QC protocol of the eligible EVs, chargers don’t recognize the EV models at the time of charging if they also use the same QC protocol. Thus other EV models using the same QC protocol as the eligible EVs will also be eligible for the “charge for discount” campaign.
How long is the discount-charge campaign period?
The campaign period has not been determined yet. The end of the campaign period will be announced on the DRIVEtheARC home page in the future.
What will happen after the end of the discount-charge campaign?
Charging fees will be charged to your own credit card associated with your EVgo account.
Which EVs can be charged at DRIVEtheARC stations?
All CHAdeMO EVs and Combo EVs can be charged at DRIVEtheARC stations.
How do I start charging at DRIVEtheARC stations?
All EV user can activate the charger using the DRIVEtheARC App, credit card, EVgo Access Cards, and EZ-Charge Cards.
How do I get reimbursed if my original discount-charge promotion doesn't work?
When your ticket expires, you can re-get your Discount Ticket.
How do I contact technical support?
DRIVEtheARC Station Call Center
phone 855-600-3856


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