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Congestion Pricing for DRIVEtheARC to start on September 3, 2020
August 28, 2020

Starting September 3, 2020, DRIVEtheARC charging stations will start congestion pricing at each of our 26 locations at our 55 fast charging stations.

Congestion pricing provides drivers variable rates to charge an electric vehicle, depending on the time of day. With this new pricing structure, we aim to help reduce wait times at DRIVEtheARC charging stations and ease excess demand at peak times.

Please use DRIVEtheARC app to check the new discount rate schedule and find your best locations and times for charging before starting your next EV trip. You can find the rates by tapping “Discount Timetable” in the app menu on the top left-hand side. (Version 3.2.0 or later).

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