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COVID-19 update: 100% discount PromoTicket services
May 27, 2020

Dear DRIVEtheARC & EV Co-Driver users,

To support EV drivers under the difficult circumstances, we have
extended (*) our 100% discount PromoTicket services for DRIVEtheARC
mobile app users. Although California has moved into early Stage 2, the
COVID-19 crisis continues and your activities are still limited to
essential activities.

To plan your charging schedule to avoid crowded locations/time, we
encourage you to use the “Station Status” feature on the DRIVEtheARC
mobile app, which shows chargers’ current status and availability
forecast of each station.

Please also note you can start charging with DRIVEtheARC mobile app
(ver. 3.0.1) without touching the charger screen. Simply select the
charger and tap “Charge” then “Start” buttons on the app, connect the
plug to your EV, charging will start automatically.

We wish you and your family good health.

Yours faithfully,
DRIVEtheARC Project Team

(*) 100% discount PromoTicket is available until our further notice.

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