The EV Co-Driver is a free navigation app specialized for electric vehicles (EVs) to reduce range anxiety for your road trips. Range anxiety is the fear that you may strand due to insufficient energy and also the uneasiness that you may encounter long waiting queues and charger malfunction at charging stations. The EV Co-Driver allows you to easily start your road trips just by inputting your current battery level (state of charge) and your destinations without checking locations and availability of charging stations. It will auto-route/reroute the shortest time path from start point to destinations via available charging station(s) where short wait time is expected, based on your current battery level and car charging requirements. You no longer have to make a charging plan before starting your trip or worry about how you intend to reach destinations during the drive beyond your car’s single charge limits and can arrive with peace of mind and power left over.


– Easily register your EV.
– Set battery level update at start point.
– Input destinations to find the shortest time path. It displays also total time of driving, wait and charge.
– EV Co-Driver calculates energy consumption based on your EV model and find the shortest time path from start point to destinations via charging station(s).
– Overview the route by tapping ‘START’ button or start Google Maps TM navigation by tapping ‘GOOGLE MAPS’.
– Tap destinations and charging stations icons to check estimated SOC at the destinations and target SOC at the charging stations.

Drive Without Worrying About Charging Congestion.

Car Information
SOC Input
Select your vehicle, model year and trim.
Update your EV’s state of charge(SOC).
Just input your destination and start driving.

Time Save
State Changes
Google Maps Support
Routing optimized with station wait times allow even the most spontaneous of trips.
Change the optimal route according to the change of the state of the charger.
Turn-by-Turn Works with Google maps for route navigation.

Download Our Free App

Requires iOS 12.4 or later(*). Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
(*) Remarks: Voice operation is available only for iOS12.4 and above.

EV Co-Driver App for Android smartphones (Android ver. 8.0 and above) are available at Google Play.


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