Getting Started

DRIVETHEARC’s goal is to make EV charging more accessible and expand EV travel distances within the Northern California, metropolitan area.

Easy Charger Activation

EV drivers can conveniently access the DRIVETHEARC stations using a variety of payment methods and membership cards. The chargers can be activated using credit cards, EVgo Access Cards, EZ-Charge Cards and the DRIVETHEARC smartphone app*.

*Activating the charger using the DRIVETHEARC app is currently only available for CHAdeMO vehicles.

EVGo Access

Credit Card

E-Z Charge

Smart Phone


Station Location, Navigation, and Activation

The DRIVETHEARC app provides convenient access to participating stations, by providing station locator and charger activation services. 

Just hold your smartphone over a charger screen and you can start charging!

Free Charging to Celebrate DRIVETHEARC

If you are a CHAdeMO EV driver and use our the DRIVETHEARC app, you will be eligible for free charging at the DRIVETHEARC stations during the program launch period. Following the program launch period you’ll still be able to activate the chargers using the app. Any charging fees will be charged to the credit card associated with your EVgo account.

Future App Features

We are just getting started! The DRIVETHEARC app currently only supports charger activation for CHAdeMO vehicles but we’re building the capability to provide charger activation to Combo EV users. 


To learn more about the DRIVETHEARC app download the app operation manual here for more information. 


How to Charge Your EV

Step One

With your vehicle off, open your the car port.

Step Two

Select a connector on the charger screen.

Step Three

Select payment type.

Step Four

a) DRIVETHEARC: Launch the DRIVETHEARC App on your smartphone and open the Charge Activation menu to prepare for the QR code scan.

b) Credit Card: Swipe your credit card through the credit card reader.

c) RFID Card (EVgo Access Card/EZ-Charge Card): Wave your card over the reader.

d) QR Code: Scan the QR code on the charger screen by your smartphone app.

Step Five

Slide switch forward to remove the connector.

Step Six

Connect plug to your car’s EV port.

Step Seven

Push ‘start’ on the charger, and the charging will begin. Charging will automatically stop after 30 minutes.

Step Eight

Push the ‘stop’ button to stop charging.

Step Nine

Return plug to the charger.