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New DRIVEtheARC v3.0 app has been released!
January 27, 2020

Dear DRIVEtheARC users,


Thank you for supporting the DRIVEtheARC demonstration project and sharing our vision of expanding electric vehicle access through electric vehicle (EV) fast charging.

We are excited to announce that DRIVEtheARC starts a new operating phase on January 27, 2020, and offers dynamic pricing EV charging service for both CHAdeMO and CCS EVs at all the DRIVEtheARC charging stations. *1,*2,*3

The DRIVEtheARC corridor connects the two of the most popular destinations of northern California – Monterey and Lake Tahoe. Our goal is to help drivers feel comfortable traveling longer distances and more frequently in their EVs. We will continue working tirelessly to provide you with a better charging experience!
Thank you!

DRIVEtheARC  Surf to Ski, Emission Free


*1 All discount prices of the dynamic pricing service will be based on EVgo’s standard rates;

*2 To qualify for the discount, drivers must have an EVgo membership account and update their DRIVEtheARC app to the latest version;

*3 Discount rates will vary depending on time and/or charger location.


DRIVEtheARC app update: A message will be shown on your DRIVEtheARC app starting on January 27, 2020 to guide you through the update.




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