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A special message regarding COVID-19
April 07, 2020

Dear DRIVEtheARC & EV Co-Driver User,

DRIVEtheARC appreciate your stay at home effort in this difficult time. We would like to extend our offer* of 100% discount PromoTicket services to support essential activities.

Please also try DRIVEtheARC app’s features to reduce the chances of contact with other users and number of touch locations on charger:

    Check “Station Status” in the menu (top left side of the screen) beforehand, there you can find the information of all DRIVEtheARC chargers current availability and forecast of congestion time

    Start charging through DRIVEtheARC app by tapping the CHARGE button on your smartphone app, so you do not need to touch the charger screen

We wish you and your family good health.

Yours faithfully,
DRIVEtheARC Project Team

*Discount is valid until May 11, 2020, unless otherwise notified.

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